Suaoki 14W Solar Charger
Suaoki 14W Solar Charger
Suaoki 14W Solar Charger
Suaoki 14W Solar Charger
Suaoki 14W Solar Charger
Suaoki 14W Solar Charger

Suaoki 14W Solar Charger

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Take your device on an adventure & enjoy charging freedom.

A lightweight, portable solar charger for USB devices.

This product allows for total freedom and mobility while using your phone, camera or any other type of USB device. Unlike solar power bank chargers, our charger does not suffer from the slow and inefficient charging rate. This is due to the solar charger being a direct charger, and allowing your device to charge at the full 5V/2A capacity.


⚡ On-board TIR-C chip, which adapts the charge rate to your device and protects from overcharging.

⚡ 10.4W of converted USB power

⚡ Charges most devices within 1-3 hours in strong sunlight*

⚡ Water Resistant

⚡ Small, lightweight and easily stored


📏 Size: 150x150mm (Closed) 150x630mm (Open) [HeightxWidth]

☀️ Working Low Light Level: 40000 Lux

* Charging can vary between devices & weather conditions.

At a glance

What devices can I charge?

You can charge any USB device that supports a 5 Volt / 2 Amp output, including Cameras, GoPro Action Cameras, headphones & many more.

How long does it take to charge my device?

Depending on the sunlight strength and type of device this can vary. Generally a modern smartphone, for example, a Samsung Note 9, will take between 1-4 hours to fully charge. We recommend using power saving options and not using the device while charging.

Is the product a power bank?

We have chosen not to incorporate a power bank into our product, as this can cause inefficiency in charging and will not provide the performance of a direct charging setup. You can, however, charge your own power bank through the standard connection.

Is it waterproof?

Our product is rated as splash proof, but we don’t recommend using it in heavy rain or exposing it to water submersion.

This product ships from our supplier in Asia and may take between 15-30 days to arrive.